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Latest News 31 July 2018

Call for Artists: The 5th Festival d’Art Urbain

Call for Artists The 5th Festival d’Art Urbain – from October 19 to Novembre 4, 2018 In partnership with Is'Art Galerie and the support of an ANT Mobility Grant from...

Call to submit artwork
Latest News 24 July 2018

Call to submit artwork

The National Art Gallery of Namibia is calling on all Namibian visual artists residing in Windhoek and surrounding areas to submit one artwork (excluding installations) to be displayed at the...

The wall painted village
Latest News 18 July 2018

The wall painted village

The wall painted village“It all started with a paint and brush against the wall at the navigation of an artist…and now we see a whole art village…Tafari Art Village, 10km...

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