The Imbalance Phenomenon of Economy  by Azael Langa

10 – 13 November 2021

Azael Langa with The Imbalance Phenomenon of Economy is addressing the Red Lining System. This system is embedded with classicism, side-lining of the minorities, Inclusivity and exclusivity.  Within the same space, he is painting spirits celebrating iconic imagery and portraiture of mothers.

His medium which he employs uses a combination of candle smoke and burnt plastics as a symbolic process. He uses burnt plastics to signify the toxicity of an economy that operates off the “silent sacrifices” of others and candle smoke “as a gesture of illuminating and purifying their situation”.

Azael Langa was born in Boksburgand raised in Daveyton. He currently resides in Pretoria as a practising artist and entrepreneur at August House studios in Johannesburg.

The Imbalance Phenomenon of Economy by Azael Langa  will be on display in the NAGN Main Gallery fromWednesday, 10 November 2021-Saturday, 13 November 2021.

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