6 August – 6 September 2020
NAGN Pashuka Multipurpose Venue

The Bee Exhibition is an inspiration from the World Bee Day that is celebrated worldwide.

World Bee Day was founded on the 20th May 2018 through the United Nations. The exhibition serves as an educational tool to exemplify the value of bees to the Namibian environment.

Roland Graf Zu Bentheim initiated this exhibition to showcase the practice of beekeeping, sharing his skills and knowledge on beekeeping, safety tips, and safety gear when handling bees.

Bees pollinate and help plants to grow, to breed and produce food. Most plants we need for food such as Almonds, Vanilla, Apples and Squash, for example, rely on bee pollination.

“Don’t use poison or pesticides, don’t cut down the trees in our land, please plant Bee food for the bees. Respect the bees as part of this world. Think about these small creatures, what they do for the world to survive.”

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