REFLECT: Namibia after 30 years of Independence


In the dawn of Namibia’s 30th Independence anniversary, what is the better way to celebrating than inviting all Visual Artists in Namibia to create artworks that speak to where we are as a nation today? Focusing on the growth of arts and craft.

The National Art Gallery of Namibia has the pleasure of inviting visual artists to create artworks themed around art and craft in a pre-independence and post-independence Namibia.

The work that will be submitted will be exhibited at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade, Serbia in March 2020 and a selection of the work will be exhibited at the National Art Gallery of Namibia.


The National Art Gallery of Namibia as part of celebrating our 30th Independence celebration, and in remembrance of all our artists who through their creativity could voice a message of hope for an independent Namibia, we thought it befitting to have an exhibition that acknowledges the good work that was done and look forward to what the next couple of years have to offer the Namibian nation.  The artists are encouraged to reflect in their submissions on issues such as:

  • The future of Namibian Art and the Nation at Large
  • The artist role in this society
  • A reflection on the past 30 years.

Artists Criteria for Submission:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Namibian citizen/ Artist Domicile in Namibia/Permanent residents of Namibia
  • Technical excellence in the work created
  • Conceptual development
  • Critical engagement with the topic

Submission process

  • Maximum of three artworks , with an artist’s statement of at least not less than 150 words is to be submitted at the National Art Gallery of Namibia
  • A completed entry form (including price if work is for sale)
  • The artworks that will be going to Serbia should be not more than 20kg in weight and not more than 1.5m *1m.
  • Please note that there are restriction as to what can be transported to Serbia, however larger works can be selected to be exhibited in Namibia. Individual artists or collaborations are welcome
  • Please note all submissions are subject to a  selection by a panel


Due date for submission: 24  January 2020 @ 17h00

NAGN exhibition entry form

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