Can you teach how to paint, carve, print, sculpt, ‘you name it’ in 1,2,3 steps?
Are you willing to do this on video?

This is a reminder to hand in your applications by:

Monday, 31 August 2020 | 17h00

A very exciting initiative is our virtual workshops which will be offered by our artists to the public, including unemployed youth and learners.
Upcoming artists also have the opportunity to participate in these workshops presented by our established and practising artists.
Artists who make use of these facilitators services will receive a facilitators fee.

Namibian visual artists willing to offer your facilitator services to the above and more, send your contact details (email/mobile) to:

dnanuses@nagn.org.na | curator@nagn.org.na

Curation Office: 081 806 8692

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