⛔️ Our offices will be closed for business for 2 days, effective Wed 19 August and Thu 20 August due to Covid-19 protocols and precautionary measures. ⛔️
This will allow proper disinfection of our buildings. Key staff members will work from home. Our primary concern is for the safety and wellbeing of our staff, artists, visitors and the public at large.
All events and programs scheduled between 19 and 20 August will be postponed to take place after the opening of the Gallery on Friday, 21 August.
▶️ Curation: dnanuses@nagn.org.na 081 806 8692
▶️ Accounts: accounts@nagn.org.na 081 806 8691
▶️ Logistics: logistics@nagn.org.na 081 352 1015
During the temporary closure, we encourage you to visit our website www.nagn.org.na
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