In consultation with the Elisia, her exhibition currently in the Upper gallery was scheduled to close this coming  Saturday 18 July. However,  due to popular demand and its significance, we have agreed to extend it until 15th August 2020.

The Insight of Intrusive Women

A solo exhibition by Elisia Nghidishange

18 June – 15 August 2020

 (NAGN) Upper Gallery

Elisia Nghidishange’s solo exhibition titled: The Insight of Intrusive Women gives insight on women and how they are treated.  According to the artist, “Women need proper love, care, and freedom to express themselves in whatever way they choose to do in life.” This exhibition renders itself as activism for women to fight for their rights and advocates for those who can’t speak for themselves.  Narratives include transparency, emotive assertion, achieving goals, and defying disorderly, unsolicited conduct and mindsets.

Reassessing the canon of the twenty-first century, the Insight of Intrusive Womenaddress the biases by defining indefinite boundaries between expressive objects, language and the oral tradition from which they emerge.  Nghidishange’s practice grants symbolic and metaphorical meanings derived from hidden stories how traditional/ tribal narratives impact social lives when viewed through the lens applied to the gaze characteristic of the engager.  Nghidishange’s work is relevant to the current social and economic climate.




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