The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) received custody of the Government of the Republic of Namibia Art Collection when the Namibian Parliament passed the NAGN Act 14 of 2000. The National Art Gallery of Namibia places a high priority on the safeguarding of the visual art heritage of the Namibian Nation.

The GRN Art Collection is an essential part of this endeavour. The care and preservation of this valuable national asset is an immense responsibility, which requires extensive input of human and logistic resources from the NAGN, as well as the kind cooperation of motivated GRN offices.

It is against this background that NAGN staff members are engaged in an ongoing process of documenting, condition reporting, registration and accessioning of GRN art works. This programme is designed to reach all 13 regions and embassies abroad. So far most of the Ministries in Windhoek have undergone the process.

The visual and technical information collected with this process will enable the NAGN to compile presentation materials which will form part of a campaign to enhance awareness of Namibian visual arts.


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