Dear Visitors to our gallery,

Exhibition Opening: The Insight of Intrusive Women by Elisia Nghidishange Opening,

18 June 2020 at 16h00 for invited guests in the Foyer and Upper Gallery.

Due to the State of Emergency Stage 3 regulations, we are unable as an institution to remain open past 18h00 and we are unable to accommodate more than 50 people on our premises.

  • The exhibition will have a speaker in the Upper Gallery ready to give opening speech at 16h00 which will be broadcast live on the Facebook Page of NAGN and a pre-recorded version of this will be uploaded at 16h00 on the NAGN website to accommodate the audiences who are unable to be with us physically but wish to be a part of the opening.
  • We will make drinks available to the guests from 15h00 – 17h00 at the bar, and the bar will close at 17h00.
  • Security will be on duty till 18h00 for the final audiences to depart.
  • The NAGN galleries will also remain open until 17h00 only as per usual working hours.

This exhibition opening needs to be handled with the strict State of Emergency Guidelines which include social distancing and allocation of people within the Upper Gallery and Foyer to avoid crowded gatherings. All visitors and staff to wear a mask at all times, sanitization of our hands at the door and a compliance enforced by all stakeholders including staff and the guests.

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