Meet Folakunle Oshun, he will be facilitating day 2 of our curatorship bootcamp on the topic of exhibition design.


Oshun is an artist curator based in Lagos, Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts (2007) and a Master’s degree in Art History (2012) from the University of Lagos.

Oshun balances his curatorial and artistic practices to create unprecedented collaborative and interactive possibilities. His vision as a curator is to stage artistic interventions in unorthodox spaces- acting as a mediator between various parties in society. In his practice as an artist, he investigates the ramifications of politics and history on Contemporary life.

In 2017, he founded the Lagos Biennial and served as artistic director for the first edition. The same year, he was selected as the first recipient of the Postdam City Council’s Curator in Residence grant award 2017/2018 in Brandenburg, Germany. Oshun was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee of the “Season Africa 2020”.

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