Partnerships, collaborations and networking is a fundamental tool for Art Museums and Galleries in achieving our respective mandates.

It is with this thought in mind, that NAGN and the Museum of African Art ( MAA) in 2018 entered into a Permanent Partnership Agreement to collaborate in respective art projects.

In celebrating  Namibia’s 30th years of Independence, we thought of no other way befitting this memorable chapter in the history of our beloved country, then requesting our visual artists to submit artworks reflecting on a pre and post-Independent Namibia – and their aspirations for a future Namibia.

In light of the support by the Government of Serbia to Namibia, we thought to exhibit the narratives from an artist’s perspective, telling their own stories that bring back memories of a pre-independent Namibia.  They have also reflected on experiences of a post-independent Namibia and the hopes for the future through their work. Exhibitions will be taking place at both institutions for the Namibian and Serbian communities.

Notwithstanding other artists, this message is clearly depicted in the artworks of Petrus Amuthenu, Forgotten Ones 2018, Urte Remmert, Sweeping Motion 2020 and Maria Mbereshu, Invisible to the eye 2020.

The exhibition in Serbia was initially intended for April 2020, but delayed to late 2020,  because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am proud to confirm that the submissions from our Namibian Visual Artists are a testimony on how our visual art industry has grown over the years and that it has indeed become competitive on the regional and international art market.

Standing out from this exhibition is the different art techniques used, especially the Namibian art practices like printmaking, beadwork and textiles. These have been passed on by generations, which depict the cultural diversity of the Namibian people, also focusing on social-cultural and economic issues in the country.

I am positive that this catalogue will be a useful tool for our art researchers and historians, including learners.


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