Erich Mayer (1876 – 1960), Undated Watercolor

Erich Mayer studied architecture in Berlin before migrating to South Africa in 1898. He fought in the Boer war, on the side of the Boer from 1899 to 1902. During the war he was captured, and as a prisoner of the war was then repatriated back to Germany where he enrolled for visual arts classes. He came to South West Africa (Namibia) in 1904 as a practising visual artist. In the country he travelled by ox-wagon, with his sketchbook handy, and did numerous drawings and paintings of what he saw in the territory everyday such as faming activities, camping, the vast landscape with bushes, trees and mountains, colonial architectures, he also sketched and painted portraits and native people

National Art Gallery of Namibia Permanent Collection