Nicola Brandt: No Monument for the Fallen, Otjozondjupa Region, Namibia, August 2012 Photographic print on paper

Nicola Brandt’s cross-disciplinary work ranges from documentary to experimental performance and embodied practices in relationship to the role of memory, landscape and positionality. Brandt interrogates how the past inhabits the contemporary moment in visible and intangible ways. In this work, Katuvangua Migal Maendo, great-granddaughter of Petrus Hiuii, looks at the land where her people and the cattle of her nation once roamed freely, and to the Kaiser Wilhelm Mountain, where a battle was fought between the Ovaherero and Germans in January 1904. According to Katuvangua, whenever Ovaherero pass this mountain, they are expected to remain silent, so as to honour those who died.

National Art Gallery of Namibia Permanent Collection