Official Opening: 10 October 2019

Duration: 11 October – 9 November 2019

#Selfie is a solo exhibition by Namibian photographer and visual artist Lukas Amakali.

Inspired by today’s digital age and the influence of social media, Amakali view selfies as a representation of himself and his identity.
He uses selfies to interact on social media and to share stories through his photography.

Amakali started taking double exposure selfies with his Nikon Digital Camera D7000 which has a special menu where one can make Multiple Exposure of two to three photos. Double Exposure is a photography technique which allow one to take two or more photos on top of each other.

“I started to take Double Exposure Selfies of myself with different backgrounds, objects, trees and animals plus other people etc. This is what I want to showcase in this eleventh exhibition of mine called ‘Selfie'”- Amakali

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