This exhibition is the beginning of a conversation.
A conversation about the inclusion of womxn within the discourse of Namibian Art.

The artists represented in this exhibition are part of a group that is poorly represented at the National Art Gallery of Namibia, in many of our functions whether its through our collection or through the exhibitions programmes. This exhibition is an opportunity for us to start the conversation about, how we change moving forward.

The exhibition brings to the foreground the important work that womxn are making and the discourse around this work. The works cover an array of issues that affect the artists from identity, culture, positionality and so much more. The work that these artists have been doing in recent years has been, thought provoking and relevant to the time and space we find ourselves occupying in Namibia today as a nation but also as a womxn. This is an opportunity to reflect on how we see the now and how we foresee the future. It is a space for critical thinking, conversation and work.

2019 has been an eventful year for Namibia this far and her womxn, speaking out, taking our place and making our voices heard. Carrying on with this energy we hope to carry on here in this space.

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