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Triennial: This publication catalogues the artworks exhibited in the 2017 Bank Windhoek Triennial exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia. The Triennial happens every three years with its first in 2008, then in 2014 and the last in 2017 making way for more to come. Organised by the NAGN, with the sponsorship of Bank Windhoek, the Triennial aims to celebrate visual art in Namibia as well as to raise the standard thereof. This exhibition is also an opportunity to engage in dialogue around cultural diversity within our society to promote unity in celebrating diversity.

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Published: 2017


Amazing Women: The National Art Gallery of Namibia and Kleopas Nghikefelwa have created a project entitled Amazing Namibian Women. Artists were selected to create portraits in any medium: paint, photography, print, digital or mixed media. The National Art Gallery of Namibia and Sister Namibia selected a few Amazing Namibian Women to form a list from which artists could choose whom to portray.

Those selected range from well-known figures in Namibia to those who are more obscure however are equally amazing in their contributions to their communities and families. The various backgrounds and fields of these women include: civil-rights activists, doctors, writers, farmers, entrepreneurs, leaders, politicians, musicians, sport heroes, teachers, models, social workers, etc. The women selected include individuals such as: First Lady Monica Geingos, Lize Ehlers, Liz Frank, Elizabeth /Khaxas, Dillish Matthews, Nianel, Maira Nepembe, and the Late Kakurukaze Mungunda. This project and exhibition acknowledges and celebrates Namibian women.  This project acknowledges that there is a wealth of amazing women in Namibia and to ensure that all are recognised the National Art Gallery of Namibia had provided a space during the exhibition for the public to add the names of those who they believe have been overlooked in the portraits.

Amazing Namibian Women aims to encourage artists to participate in charitable causes. The artworks created will be sold on an auction at the exhibition opening. Proceeds will be donated to Sister Namibia’s initiative SisterPad. SisterPad works to provide re-usable pads to girls in primarily rural areas, along with comprehensive education. SisterPad offers girls basic dignity and an opportunity, allowing increased school attendance and subsequent performance at school, contributing towards the completion of young girls’ primary and high school education.

Published: 2016

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The Art of a Young GeNerATION catalogues an exhibition of the same name opened at the Museum Wϋrth in Kϋnzelsau, Germany earlier on 27 April 2016.

The Art of a Young GeNerATION is a carefully curated exhibition of contemporary artworks from Namibia, created as a cooperation project between Museum Wϋrth and the National Art Gallery of Namibia. The exhibition celebrates a generation of contemporary Namibian artists – some young, some older – who have lived and worked in Namibia during the post-independence, post-Apartheid era.

During the selection process, Sylvia Weber from Museum Wϋrth and the NAGN curatorial team paid special attention to the work produced by a “younger” group of about 25 artists who, in one way or another, have addressed the current social and political realities of a recently independent Namibia in their work.  However, the term “Young Generation” broadly refers to the artists who address Namibia’s realities by exploring their identity within the framework of an emerging nation with an emerging character. This group also includes a few “older” artists who were already established before independence but who continue to investigate new topics and actively address issues relevant to the post-independence realities of Namibia.

With the advent of independence in March 1990, artistic expression became the democratic prerogative of everyone, regardless of political affiliation, educational background or social standing. Independence allowed a generation of artists who, until the recent past, had been subjected to creative confinement, to express themselves without fear of reprisal. This generation of artists reveals its deep awareness of and active involvement in emerging aspects of contemporary culture by creating works that contribute to debates about issues such as land ownership, gender-based violence, and the blights of poverty and inequality.

The growing worldwide interest in and recognition of contemporary African art provides great opportunities to accommodate the best creative efforts of Namibia, but avenues to access international platforms such as biennales and art fairs are expensive. This is why The Art of a Young GeNerATION has been a wonderful opportunity for Namibian artists to cross cultural boundaries and to further their gradual integration in the global art world.

The exhibition is in a way the culmination of a relationship that the Würth family has nurtured over years of visits to Namibia, fuelled by their keen interest in the nature, the demographics and culture of the country.

Published: 2016

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NAGN Permanent Collection booklet: This introductory booklet is the first in a series of volumes that will be published by the NAGN in an effort to make the Permanent Collection of the NAGN accessible to the public. Each successive booklet will highlight various aspects of the collection.

The Permanent Collection of the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) houses a large variety of works collected from the inception of the gallery as an institution in 2005. A fundamental part of the mandate of the NAGN is to collect, preserve, study, exhibit and stimulate appreciation for and advance knowledge of works of art that collectively represent the broadest spectrum of human achievement at the highest level of quality, all in the service of the public and in accordance with the highest professional standards.

The Permanent Collection of the NAGN echoes this mandate, striving to preserve and exhibit works that show the artistic talent in Namibia, as well as that offer voices to issues and themes pertaining to Namibian society.

The NAGN Permanent Collection is as varied as our society is diverse. As such, there is a broad spectrum of ways in which to exhibit the works in the collection. Part of advancing our collective knowledge of Namibian arts and artists is to continue to re-engage with works from our past and our present in new and interesting ways to open up possibilities of continual learning.

The NAGN Permanent Collection is made up of over 300 artworks, from works by around 150 artists. This collection is housed in the National Art Gallery of Namibia storage, and is shown throughout the annual schedule in sections in exhibitions in the gallery curated around various themes.

Published: 2017

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