Reflect Exhibition

Reflect Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Reflect’ ties in with the 30th Namibian Independence celebration, opening on the 5th March 2020  in the Main Gallery, Foyer and Pashuka multipurpose venue. The invitation was for the artists to critically respond to Namibia within the past 30 years and suggests possibilities, and hope for the future.

Although Namibia has achieved its independence and has managed to maintain a peaceful and orderly society and has accomplished some of the targets there are still challenges facing Namibia such as; Housing, landlessness,  unemployment, the economy of the country, challenges with health facilities, the education system, crime rates,  inequality in society and many others.

The history of the Namibian independence serves as the history that shall not be forgotten, thus, the artwork by Petrus Amuthenu an acrylic paint on canvas titled  Forgotten ones, the artwork is in remembrance of where we came from and the lives that were sacrificed for our today’s independence.

Moreover, the conservation of indigenous species, indigenous knowledge, indigenous languages is critical current discourse. For example, the artwork by Frans Uunona titled “Side by side” Acrylic paint on canvas represents a rhino next to an Amarok as a reflection on the value we place on material culture vs preservation of our natural environment,  addressing consumerism and preservation of our heritage.

Burn the circle of Corruption”  by Elisia Nghidishange‘speaks about the circle of corruption. As the nation works towards vision 2030  where we are looking forward to seeing Namibia being a developed, self-sustainable country, Elisia states that “we are still moving in the circle of corruption”. The individuals who are supposed to be responsible for taking care of our country’s development are busy digging their hands into our resources for their personal benefit using the corrupt strategies, pulling us further away from our goals. It’s not only about what they did, but also about how the government is going to deal with the perpetrators and how we are going to recover from the damage and prevent a repetition.

The artistic expression in this exhibition is a reflection of the conversations that are happening in Namibia today and it will spark even more conversations and change for the betterment of the Namibian Nation.

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